Fashion Peeve – Going to the Airport in Your PJ’s


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In my experience, Airports have been an adventure into the completely unknown. No matter if the trip is for business or pleasure, you never know who you may meet and quite possibly, where you may end up.

With that said, one would think that more people would be prepared and presentable for all the impending possibilities and outcomes. Just think, you could meet your next boss, a stunning celebrity or even the love of your life.  (I have personally met my next boss and celebrities while at the airport. I didn’t meet the love of my life that way but, I sure did meet my fair share of hotties!)
If you let your mind wander into all the possibilities for a moment, you will hopefully soon realize the importance of being prepared and looking presentable. And this, my friends leads me to one of my biggest fashion peeves: Going to the airport in your PJ’s.
Seriously ladies. DON’T DO IT! You really have NO idea how ridiculous you look.
Now I can hear all the lip smacking & groans of the women who are hell bent of comfort and convenience but, before you get all up in arms about it, allow me to put a few things into perspective:
  • Domestic flights are only 2 to 4 hours at the most. Do you seriously need sweat pants and Ugg boots to sit in your seat for a few hours?  I really think not! You sit at your desk for 8 hours plus every day wearing heels and slacks so, there really is no excuse
  • Women wearing track suits and sneakers (Yes, even ones by JUICY) do NOT get upgraded to business class. Women wearing cashmere & beautiful scarves do!
  • When you run into interesting, sophisticated people or come across an opportunity to explore a new town while you wait for your flight, you are going to feel REALLY stupid in your raggedy outfit and slipper-like shoes
  • What if your flight doesn’t make it to your destination? Are you prepared if you have to land in a completely different state than you thought? You might want to think about that. It happens more often than you think.

Still not convinced?

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We certainly aren’t promoting the idea that you should travel in sky high Louboutin’s and sparkly ensembles, (unless you are just fabulous like that) but, we ARE advocating that you can still be comfortable while looking chic and put together at theairport.  And here is how!

  • Wear your softest (but fitted) jeans.  Straight leg styles are the most versatile. Top with a beautiful cashmere cardigan, colorful scarf and loafer flats. Don’t you dare say you aren’t comfortable!
  • It’s usually chilly on airplanes so try a super chic maxi skirt with your favorite top and jacket.  This look begs for statement jewelry. Best of all, it is stylish and breezy
  • If you must do leggings, please wear them with REAL shoes such as flat boots or wedge heels. A pattern tunic and jacket or cardigan can complete the look that says anything but lazy
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