I am the Etro Spring 2010 Collection

It’s Yours Truly, Etro Spring 2010……….You are probably wondering where such a vibrant woman like myself lives.  Well, don’t bother trying to spot me in New York or London (Unless it’s July of course) because I could never call such a machine of a city home. I am a lady of leisure after all. And though I shop just as hard as an L.A. girl, I’m simply too cool to be one.  You will however, find me and my sun-kissed skin in Capri, St. Tropez and Miami.

Flawless is a word you’ll never hear in

Etro Spring Fashion

Etro, Spring 2010

the same sentence as my name and that’s okay with me because “easy elegance” is.  Far away from formalities and the stressful weight of the world, I’m wrapped in weightless fabrics conducive to walks on the beach, cocktails at sun-down and lying in my balcony hammock.

I could have been a hippie – perhaps in another life.
I believe in being worldly and cultural, pick one…..any one…….as long as it’s HOT!

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