Fashion Week: To See Or Be Seen?

Robert Verdi & I
The fashionistas, stylists, editors and buyers are all lined up in Bryant park. The crowd is thick, the lines are long and the sponsors are everywhere the eye can see. So what is everyone there for? To see the fashion shows of course! Everyone is just bursting at the seams to see the latest line by Marc Jacobs and rub elbows with T.V. fashion journalists. The eye candy is delicious to say the least but the truth is that most of these spectators are not just there to enjoy the sights. They are also there to be seen in their own little personal fashion show.

To be perfectly honest, I play the “see and be seen” game as well. True to fashionista style, I planned out my fashion week outfits 3 weeks in advance. The thought process in my wardrobe planning was pretty simple though. I thought about each day’s schedule and the situations that it may present. I think about who I may run into, how far I need to walk and what the weather is like. I also try to edit my choices so that my clothing is an asset to be taken seriously. I will be dealing with PR reps, sponsors, and industry professionals. If you want to be seen as a fashion editor, you dam well have to look like one. But in the same breath I should mention that I don’t want to appear too pretentious either. I don’t wish to give the impression of a fashion victim or a wannabe model. Hopefully through my fashion choices, it is event which side of fashion that I am on. (which is clearly not the runway).
All function aside, fashion is still one of the most important ways to communicate who you are without saying a word. Not to mention, it’s also a huge ego booster when a fellow fashion fan wants to take a picture of your fabulous ensemble or a snooty looking diva gives you the “once over” look and a nodding approval. There you are, in a room with the world’s most fashionable people and it would be tragic if your outfit was forgettable. Instead of the blond girl standing by the fountain, you can be remembered as the stylish girl with the sky high Louboutin boots and the red leopard scarf.

Nothing beats the main attraction of fashion week: skyscraper models, high fashion looks and heart pumping
beats. But the whole experience just wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t seize the opportunity to be fabulous. After all, the opening act for runway shows really begin with walking around the tent and scoping out the spectator’s outfits. Fashion Week is a show that we not only go to watch. It is a show that we inadvertently become a part of.

32 responses to “Fashion Week: To See Or Be Seen?

  1. Its funny, but every time I’ve been to a fashion event, I notice how deeply unfashionable most of the people there (who aren’t models) happen to be!

  2. I agree with your blog. The fashion shows are now starting to become about what the audience are wearing, just as much as the models.Some smaller designers pay celebrities to sit on the front row wearing their clothes.So it has grwon in a big deal about what you wear to go watch and so planning is very important!

  3. I’m coming a few months too late. But there’s no place like nyc to check others out and be checked out. no matter what time of year.

  4. Great post. Agree with fashion girl above, mostly only the models look fashionable at these events, with a few exceptions of course.

  5. i always set out my clothes well in advance for fashion week too- this year i got some great stuff on they’ve got a great selection!

  6. This reminds me: San Diego is having their first ever fashion week this fall! Should be interesting to see what the crowd wears. If anyone is in the area and wants more info, check out the website! I am definitely attending this event.

  7. Hey girl! Uhm, I was going to go to that one, but I was so tired from oganizing prom dresses at 17 that I just wanted to come straight back home. The editor had like 5 extra invites for the interns. I may be at Alexandr Terekhov on Sunday, but I’ll definitely be at William Rast!!

  8. Hey you have an awesome blog,seriously amazig!..kepp it going.please check us outwe are making fashion on our own way :) love rimada

  9. Wow, I really like the red dress and the hat of the girl. I will save up some money to buy it for a special friend

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