Fashion Week Report: Inside The Tents

All the fun & excitement of fashion week is just getting started. This weekend has brought many great shows so far and there are many more to come! Before I start posting all the fashion photos, I thought it would be fun to include some random photos of what’s going on inside the tents. It’s filled with colorful sponsor booths, newbie models and tons of stylists that we see on television. It’s also filled with tons of unique individuals with fashion sense that ranges from fierce to scary to out right insane. When roaming the tents, you are sure to spot out several familiar faces from the Style network and E channel.

10 responses to “Fashion Week Report: Inside The Tents

  1. so glamorous! did you see Gina Velasco’s collection?!?!? it was by far the most beutiful! I loved everything she did.

  2. Some of you wanted to know what's in the goodie bags. Well, it can vary greatly but, some common goodies are cosmetics, lip gloss, lotions & delicious smelling candles.

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